The talent behind the reputation

QLD Coast Construction is your premier builder of luxury one-of-a-kind homes all over Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW

QLD Coast Constructions is made up of a team that shares commitment to foundational principles that have made them award winners in their own right. We pride ourselves on quality constructions and a deep commitment to exceptional customer care relationships, service and integrity which are the building blocks that have shaped our vision and driven our success. QLD Coast Constructions dedication to solid values and our passion for the highest degree or workmanship has resulted in respect and deep admiration among our peers.

From the start to finish, QLD Coast Constructions team members are made up of highly qualified professionals who provide results for the most demanding clients whose wildest dreams for luxury homes meet expectation; you can be sure of getting the greatest return on your investment. We are your one stop shop for all building related services that are necessary to plan, design and build any type of home to meet the unique needs of your family. We are a specialist builder for beachfront homes, multi-level developments, renovations, restorations, retail and commercial developments on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Our company’s custom building program has been developed and designed to guide our clients through the very challenging process of building where we use a step by step approach. We have a program that provides a highly organised and efficient system that assures every client of successfully achieving their dreams for a luxury home. Our architectural designers will meet with you to evaluate ideas, plans, design, lifestyle and target budget. As a client, you are welcome to bring your own plans or you can task the design team to create a one-of-a-kind plan that will be tailor made to meet your requirements.

For clients who require inspiration or simply prefer to choose from a past build , you can choose from QLD Coast Constructions homes portfolio and we can tailor the design around your requirements. Whatever you choose, we assure you a very personalised experience that is necessary to create your extraordinary home. Whether it is a cutting edge contemporary home with spectacular views or a magnificent inspired luxury home, our experienced team combine efforts to define the end of the project. We have a quality assurance program that has become the hallmark of all our building processes.

QLD Coast Constructions team members maintain an outstanding relationship with their current and past clients in addition to our suppliers together with trade contractors; this adds to the stability and integrity of our company. Going forward, our company has the staying power that is based on our ever consistent and conservative processes and policies. All our decisions are driven by quality and client satisfaction. At the end of the day, the home we will build for you is what matters most.